Lustromedic Tongue Depressor MZ1001

Patient-friendly medical exam equipment

Designed for the patient to feel less pressure on the tongue and therefore lower the risk of regurgitation

Formed for the safety and security of the patient.

A single use sterilized medical device created with two plastics of different hardnesses molded together. The tip of the depressor that touches the patient’s tongue is made out of a soft rubber-like material while the main body is made out of sturdy yet flexible material.

Size: 160mm×20mm×6mm
Color: natural (white), blue, or pink.
Materials: polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer
Sterilization method: EOG Sterilization
Quantity: 100
Notification Number: 24B2X10011000001

 JAN Code:
(N) 49-01126-10010-9
(B) 49-01126-10017-8
(P) 49-01126-10018-5

Do not reuse, do not resterilize

~CAUTION: Read Before Use ~
1)Do not use product with marks or broken packaging.
2.) Do not use product if damaged.
3) Use promptly upon opening.
4.) For fear of breaking the product, do not use excessive force while handling.

~Storage Method and Expiration Date ~
1.) Storage Method: Keep away from places with high temperatures and high humidity levels. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep away from water. Keep away from fire. Store at room temperature.
2.) Expiration Date
Sterilization Expiration Date: 3 years from date of production.

~Name of product manufacturer and marketer~
Manufacturer: Iwasaki Industries Co.,Ltd., Mie Plant