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2020/2/21 Mie Evening Newspaper

Press release

"Ongoing Innovations in the Medical Field"

The integrated molding of two to three plastics of varying levels of hardness into one plastic component within an injection molding machine is one of our company’s specialty techniques.
In December of last year our first step was the sales release of a tongue depressor.
Currently, as our second and third step, we are in the process of developing surgical procedure equipment and needle free injection syringes for animals.

A Healthy Breakthrough, Regional Economics

2020/2/12 Mie Evening Newspaper

Press release

"Iwasaki Industries Co., Ltd. Expands into the Medical Field"

We consulted directly with hospital employed doctors in order to understand the current needs of the medical industry. We discovered that conventional tongue depressors are usually made either of stainless steel or wood, the stainless steel being hard and cold to the touch while the wood prone to splits on the surface and easily broken. We have put our accumulated expertise to use by creating a depressor with a main component made out of a material twice the strength of wood while ensuring that the tip that enters the patient’s mouth is made out of an extremely soft material, hence lowering the risk of regurgitation.
Mayor Masato Takegami stated his plans to use 2,500 of the depressors for collective pediatric exams as well as another 2,500 at the after hours clinic. He encouraged our methods with his comment, “It’s also true with syringes, but one-use medical equipment is the only way to go. Safety and peace of mind are what we are looking for.”

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2019/11/27 Nara Newspaper

Press release

"Toward the Global Expansion of Medical Equipment"

The brand Lustromedic will bring improvements to the medical field. Currently, most medical equipment is made out of metal, however, there are some items that can be replaced with plastic equipment. Product commercializing will begin with tongue depressors and speculums. Furthermore, researching the production of needless plastic syringes and so forth, Lustromedic will utilize their accumulated expertise in order to create “patient-friendly medical equipment” on a global level.

Iwasaki Industries Pioneering in Medical Equipment

2019/4/2 The Daily Industry Newspaper

Press release

"Reducing Discomfort in Tongue Depressors and Medical Speculums"

In 2019 Iwasaki Industries Co.,Ltd. opened its own brand of medical equipment. They began with the production of disposable (one-use) tongue depressors and speculums. The main component, which must be able to resist force, is made out of a tough plastic material, while the part of the device that makes contact with the body is made out of a soft material. This spring, five hospitals will begin trial use of the products. Replacing metal equipment that must be repetitively sterilized with disposable equipment will reduce the work load of medical personnel while also relieving the patients of discomfort.

“Top 180 Successful Companies in the Kansai Region”

2019/2/21 Mie Evening Newspaper


“The Key of Succession and Innovation”

We are in the process of planning a proposal for the replacement of the multiple-use multiple-sterilization stainless steel medical equipment that is currently in common use with safely disposable light-weight, sturdy plastic equipment. We aim to provide new innovations in the medical field with the actualization of easy to use patient-friendly medical equipment that is produced by the combination of strong plastics for the main component and soft plastics on the section of the equipment which comes in contact with the patient.